BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS) — A bench warrant or an arrest warrant list was released by the Bluefield West Virginia Police Department on January 2, 2024.

According to the Bluefield West Virginia Police Department, they would like to get in contact with the people on the list so that their City Municipal Court matters can be taken care of. Those who are listed could be wanted for: DUI, prostitution, assault, obstructing an officer, destruction of property, drug possession, drug paraphernalia, and more, not just traffic tickets.

All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Those who are listed have had previous convictions of crimes charged through the City of Bluefield.

  • Tyler Younger: d.o.b 8/27/1996 Mayberry, WV
  • Amber Young: d.o.b 11/30/1993 North Tazewell, VA
  • Michael Wright: d.o.b 03/14/1995 Troutdale, VA
  • Harry Cousins: d.o.b 04/07/1998 Bluefield, WV
  • Susan Sarver: d.o.b 03/10/1977 Bluefield, WV
  • Benjamin Allen: d.o.b 01/17/1987 Bluefield, WV
  • Edwin Hodge: d.o.b 05/04/1985 Bluefield, WV
  • Daniel Hoover: d.o.b 07/06/1973 Bluefield, WV
  • Sarah Saunders: d.o.b 05/24/1994 Bluefield, WV
  • Quenton Scott: d.o.b 04/23/1996 Bluefield, WV
  • Adrian Merelic: d.o.b 05/16/1991 Bluefield, WV
  • Richard Dillow: d.o.b 08/30/1984 Bluefield, WV
  • Bonnie Roberts: d.o.b 11/18/1974 Bluefield, WV
  • Philip Rumley: d.o.b 03/29/1981 Bluefield, WV
  • Clifton Henderson: d.o.b 03/25/1975 Bluefield, WV
  • Wayne Cooper: d.o.b 01/30/1986 Bluefield, WV
  • Jamel Floyd: d.o.b 09/06/1985 Bluefield, WV
  • Taurean Miller: d.o.b 07/29/1992 Bluefield, WV
  • William Howell: d.o.b 04/15/1995 Bluefield, WV
  • Sharonda Tate: d.o.b 09/25/1991 South Carolina
  • Franklin Underwood: d.o.b 08/22/1991 Anawalt, WV
  • Michael Fritz: d.o.b 11/28/1990 Arlington, VA
  • Jose Morales: d.o.b 01/10/1994 Ashborn, NC
  • Gary Sargent: d.o.b 08/05/1981 Avondale, VA
  • Elizabeth Sexton: d.o.b 04/25/1981 Bandy, VA
  • Stanley Martin: d.o.b 09/17/1980 North Carolina
  • Samuel Thompson: d.o.b 08/05/1983 Bluefield, WV
  • Gerald Flack: d.o.b 11/27/1977 Bluefield, WV
  • Acquanetta Williams: d.o.b 09/25/1967 Bluefield, WV
  • Ian Grimm: d.o.b 02/19/1989 Bluefield, WV

Those who are listed can either turn themselves in at the Bluefield City Police Department and be processed through the jail, given a bond amount, and be released and given a future court date if bond is made, or if the warrant is a Show Cause warrant, the fine can be paid at the Bluefield City Police Department and the warrant will be dismissed.

Anyone who knows the location of someone on the list, or wishes to confirm a name on the list, can contact the Bluefield West Virginia Police Department by phone at 304-327-6101.