EPISODE 25 : Kyle Morgan

A 15 year old boy was found dead under the Fort Henry Bridge in Wheeling, West Virginia. His name was Kyle Morgan, and it has been almost seven years since he died. There were very few breaks in the case. With no evidence, no leads, and no motive or suspects, the case has run cold. With family here in Southern West Virginia, Crime in the Coalfields seeks to shed light on Kyle’s story so that answers can be found.


Four years and no new leads; a look back on the Kyle Morgan case

Loved ones join forces to solve the cold cases of Shawn Antill and Kyle Morgan

Kyle’s Case – Unsolved One Year Later

Do you know who murdered Kyle Morgan?

EPISODE 24 : The Wolf Creek Murders

In the premiere episode of Crime in the Coalfields season 2, Izzy and Harper step outside of West Virginia, to Giles County Virginia. In 1978, Timothy Vaughn found a grisly murder scene near Wolf Creek on Route 61, centered around a burning Datsun pickup truck. He would later be inspired to enter law enforcement after the investigation of the Wolf Creek Murders. A young couple his age, Jeff Scott and Karen Noble, had been murdered.


Wolf Creek Murders: Recalling a Young Couple Lost, and an Age of Innocence

UNSOLVED: Murder of Jeff Scott & Karen Noble

Scott-Noble Murders

‘Age of Innocence’ Lost

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