If you need to make-up a class, please attend the class you need to make-up to complete the course and get your badge and certificate.

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Schedule: (Fall 2021)

CERT Classes will begin Thursday, August 12th at 7PM
Location: Station 73 2834 South 2700 West


Week 1 – Disaster Preparedness
Week 2 – Team Organization
Week 3 – Fire
Week 4 – Search & Rescue
Week 5 – Med 1
Week 6 – Med 2
Week 7 – Psychology

The Fill Drill

Friday, September 24th at 7pm
Location of Final Drill TBD

All classes start at 7:00 PM SHARP! The cost for the course is $50 per person to cover all of the supplies you will use during the course. For more information on the course content, choose the Training Course link at the top of the page.

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