PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) – Two parents want their son to be remembered in a very special way. Miranda Norman and Derek Gettys donated a CuddleCot to Princeton Community Hospital.

The CuddleCot is known around the world for assisting families when they suffer the loss of a baby. The system cools the baby’s body and keeps skin hydrated allowing grieving parents time to spend with their child.

When the couple learned that PCH didn’t have a CuddleCot, they decided to donate one to the Women’s Center as a tribute to their son.

“I think it is very beneficial, because unfortunately the sad reality is that we do have babies that pass. Everyone thinks labor and delivery is all sunshine and rainbows and every baby lives. But unfortunately, some don’t make it. So, this gives parents time to come to term with what happened and still get that bonding time,” said Jackie Mency, the Director of the PCH Women’s Center.

This fall, the parents presented a CuddleCot to the Women’s Center after it made its way from the United Kingdom to West Virginia. A special plaque inscribed with the name of Gettys’ and Norman’s child was included with the donation.